This is a true family business that goes back three generations to the Guangdong Province of China, where Grandfather Mei (pronounced “May”) owned his first restaurant in the outskirts of Hong Kong. The Mei family migrated to America in the 1980’s where they worked at their first restaurant in the very competitive market of Chinatown in New York City. Years later, friends that lived in Arizona would call them frequently asking their family to open a place in the Phoenix area since there were very few options for high quality Chinese food. Finally, in 1996 the Mei family opened their first Scottsdale restaurant. Today, brothers Leon & Davlen run their two locations. Leon runs the 92nd Street & Shea restaurant while Davlen runs the newest one on the NE corner of Pinnacle Peak & Pima in far North Scottsdale.


East Shea Location


Pinnacle Peak Location


Both restaurants pride themselves in using the freshest & highest quality ingredients that will make your dining experience a very special one. When combining Szechuan spices with the hot fires of Cantonese style cooking, you get an extremely fresh & intensely flavorful plate of food.

And another thing that makes us unique is our tremendous selection of wines from around the world. You won’t find many restaurants of any style food that put such effort into its robust inventory of wine.

We look forward to seeing you. Please come join us soon.